Welcome to the GCD Home Page

GCD is a Canadian company founded in 1985 by Giuseppe Gori. It was initially established to provide publishing and consulting services.  It published the “Music You Can Read” system and, in cooperation with PSC (Protocol Standards and Communication, an Ottawa based company), provided computer communication consulting to major Canadian corporations, such as Bell Canada, UNITEL (now AT&T), and the Government of Ontario.

With the evolving of the internet in the 1990′s GCD started ExaCom.net as an Internet Service Provider, providing Dial-up service throughout the US and Canada, with over 7,000 local telephone access points. ExaCom.net  also offered web-hosting services and took over GCD’s communication consulting services. After about 15 years of dial-up service, with more and more people moving to high-speed internet service, Exacom.net stopped providing dial-up service and focused on web hosting, web development and consulting services.

In 1999 GCD started the research and development of a new swimming treadmill. GCD designed and developed the first (and still the only) swimming treadmill (The RIVER pool), which adjusts its speed automatically, according to the speed of the swimmer. The RIVER pool was initially manufactured in Canada, then in 2005 it started being manufactured by Central Dynamics, Inc. in Alabama. In 2011 GCD also assumed the distribution of the RIVER pool in the US. Recently, GCD designed, developed and tested a new system for generating water currents in existing pools (the product is still to be released). 

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